Why it’s time for your company to adopt signNow’s eSignature

eSignature solutions are much quicker than physical signature processes and paper-based systems. eSignatures are also more portable and can be accessed from anywhere around the globe. So why do some companies still insist on manually filing, faxing, and signing physical documents?

The reason is actually more emotional than logical – many older businesses grew up using paper-based methods and were less connected to digital technology. While eSignatures are risk-free, signNow’s eSignature solutions provide extensive document protection and identity security, all while offering increased returns on your investment (ROI) and greater customer experience.

Here are some top reasons why it’s time for your company to leave paper-based methods and adopt signNow’s e-Signature solution:

Adjust Customer Expectations

Aside from the emotional process of switching from physical to digital processes, changing customer expectations is actually a very important component to your sales, company attraction, and relevance. Because your customers can make choices with just one touch on their smartphone devices, customers won’t feel jarred when electronically signing manageable documents, as opposed to the overwhelming amount of documents you’ll need to fax or mail for signature.

signNow allows companies to consolidate all their customer data into one integrated database system. signNow helps companies easily organize, analyze, and draw information from data on their customers, giving them a solid competitive advantage against other paper-based companies. As a business leader, you probably know that satisfying your customers with new products or services are essential to growing your business, so why not start with a highly secure and modern eSignature platform?

Embrace Change in Your Industry

You probably didn’t know that some 500 Fortune companies still haven’t made the switch to eSignature; these paper-based companies still spend endless hours and increased expenses on paper, faxing, signing, and mailing. With signNow’s eSignature solution, you’ll stand out in your unique industry, whether you work in real estate, healthcare, education, technology, or life sciences. Having signNow and using eSignature within your organization will also give you a competitive advantage in the market, and help increase your sales.

Whether you’re ready to make the move from paper-based to eSignature, choose signNow’s simple, easy, and most secure eSignature service. Whether you need to collect eSignatures, manage multiple sensitive documents, increase security in your office, or stay modern and digital in this age, signNow has your back!