What’s SignNow’s Integration with Oracle?

At SignNow, we empower businesses and individuals with the ability to sign or send documents for signature, anywhere in the world, on any device. With SignNow for Oracle, signers can eliminate paper-based processes, and replace them with fully automated e-signature workflows.

With SignNow for Oracle, you can send quotes and other documents for e-signature and data collection without ever leaving Oracle Sales Cloud. SignNow for Oracle allows users to use pre-configured templates, free form invites, or embedded text tags to show recipients where to sign and provide information. In addition, SignNow for Oracle offers support for multiple signers, multi-step workflows, data validation, file attachment, and more.

SignNow works with Oracle Sales Cloud to deliver faster approvals and contract closures to you. SignNow for Oracle has a number of advantages to help streamline your business processes. Learn more below:

Stay Ahead of Competition

With SignNow for Oracle, your organization can stay ahead of the competition with e-transaction management solutions, which are automatically integrated with your Oracle Sales Cloud. With SignNow for Oracle’s integrated e-signature solutions, you can enjoy faster tracking and document storage to save your company time and money.

Streamline Your Business Systems

With the combination of SignNow’s e-signature solution and Oracle’s reliable electronic transaction management, you can replace paper and ink with automatic workflows to reduce stress and save money. Pair Oracle with SignNow to begin simplifying your business processes today!

Get Unbeatable Security

SignNow for Oracle offers state of the art security and reliable electronic transactions, so that your documents and personal data are always stored and kept protected. SignNow for Oracle is also fully compliant with any industry, including healthcare, sales, government, education, and many more, so that your organization meets all necessary regulations and gets e-signatures sent on time.

It’s simple to setup the integration for SignNow and Oracle. Are you ready to get started with SignNow for Oracle? Download the app now, or contact Sales today.