What’s the signNow and Egnyte Partnership?

signNow has been successful in gaining powerful traction as one of the highest-rated eSignature platforms offered in today’s digital world. Lately, the company’s focus has switched from initial thrust to escalating their presence competitively which requires widening the scope of document compatibility.

To put this into motion, signNow has established partnerships with different integrations such as Salesforce, NetSuite, G Suite, and Box that enhance “ease-of-use” for customers. Having these integrations be a part of signNow’s product allows users to create, send, and sign documents over any number of devices which has expedited the company’s presence as a multi-faceted eSignature program.

One of signNow’s newest and most fruitful partnerships is with one of the most notable cloud storage companies, Egnyte, which we will go over in this article to highlight the components and benefits signNow receives from this agreement. We will also introduce and prime one of the biggest segments of Egnyte’s client base – construction, which has been a huge catalyst for propelling signNow in the competition against other eSignature programs.


Egnyte is a file sharing and synchronization company that produces technology to store files in a company’s existing data center, as well as offers cloud computing storage. It saves you time, keeps you organized, and is seamless in its functionality. Here’s what signNow and other digital businesses gain from a partnership with them is specified on the official Egnyte website:

  • Aid in migrating customers to a cloud storage base on our own terms
  • Provides tools, training, and support for our business and customers to succeed
  • Seamlessly integrates with technical platforms (like signNow) to broaden customer base

Once paired, Egnyte’s best features complement signNow’s best features. The integration enables you to track the status of documents sent for signature across various devices while also providing utmost security. Once the signing process is complete, the documents are automatically stored in the appropriate Egnyte Connect folder for easy access. Users benefit from this integration because the accessibility of creating, sending, and signing documents securely now has broadened flexibility and accessibility.


One of Egnyte’s largest client base consists of architecture, engineering, and construction firms is AEC. AEC firms select Egnyte for standardization, choice, and mobility. Standardization is offered through flexibility to “set up document repositories for projects in a standardized manner that is repeatable for job sites that are local and in far-flung regions.”

Egnyte is able to do this in a way that connects security with the ability to collaborate. “Choice” is offered to AEC customers through permitting the ability for them to choose between cloud or on-premises which saves time and money. Lastly, “mobility” is achievable for AEC firms with Egnyte because collaboration is offered across a variety of devices.

Specifically in regards to construction, one of the biggest clients at signNow is Tutor Perini – one of the largest general contractor firms in the United States. Jim Puerner, the Vice President at Tutor Perini, mentioned that “when [they] were looking at electronic signature solutions, [they] wanted to find one with a proven integration with Egnyte.”

By choosing signNow and approving the quote for construction, Tutor Perini is now “able to maintain the high levels of access to data and the internal controls that Egynte provides with [their] newly automated processes.” The integration between Egnyte and signNow gives Tutor Perini the tools they need as a highly successful construction firm to make their work that much more efficient and continues to do the same for their other AEC clients.

Egnyte’s cloud storage assets and secure file sharing has made it one of the most reliable integration groups for technical companies. signNow has made automated signature a relevant digital consideration for businesses and is gaining notability fast as the top eSignature program. These platforms on their own have expanded digital possibilities globally and continue to make their mark: except now, they are able to do it together.