signNow API empowers businesses to integrate eSignature features into any application

signNow API empowers businesses

The intuitive and powerful signNow API by airSlate provides users with a seamless eSignature experience within any website, CRM, or custom app. As the demand for API technology is rapidly increasing, signNow reports that the number of signNow API users grew by 130% over the past year. ISVs of all sizes trust signNow and are reaping the benefits of the powerful features and configurable eSignature workflows offered by its API.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through some signNow API use cases based on real-life customer stories. You’ll learn how using signNow’s eSignature API accelerates digital transformation and improves customer experiences across different industries. Let’s get started!

signNow API use cases

The signNow API provides the essential eSignature tools businesses require for digital transformation. The functionality is unmatched and currently sits at a market-leading price point.

Check out how the signNow API helps ISVs grow in a digital marketplace while providing a superior eSignature experience for their end customers.

1. Remote online notarization (NotaryPro)

NotaryPro, a top-rated Notary Public and Commissioner service in Canada, adopted the signNow API in 2021 to enhance their remote online notarization experience and grow their business.

“signNow was part of this journey from the very early days. We looked at different eSigning platforms, but only signNow fit the bill. We got one account and started eSigning online — that was the genesis of our remote online notarization solution.”  

— David Barder, Chief Marketing Officer at NotaryPro

By deploying the signNow API, NotaryPro managed to reduce manual work and save time with document templates for notaries. As for customer benefits, they are reaping the benefits of last-minute remote online notarization requests, industry-leading security, authentication capabilities, and much more.

2. Price quotation for Design and Manufacturing (Resero Group)

Resero Group, a global leader in school furniture manufacturing, needed to transition 5,000+ paper-based quotes they reviewed annually to a digital platform.

“It took three or four weeks to go from nothing to up and running, and this is primarily because signNow is really easy to use, even when it is very new. We received about 50 signed quotes in the first four days alone, and the feedback from every user was fantastic.”

— Ben Clist, Applications Developer at Resero

Watch the video below  to learn how Resero uses the signNow API for Design and Manufacturing:

3. Software development (, a software development company that focuses on designing and implementing insurance-related solutions, sought to provide eSigning for their clients and a fully functional document editing and eSignature solution at a low cost.

“Compared to several hundred dollars NowCerts clients may have to plunk in for DocuSign or something like that, or even some of the other ones, they’ll get eSigning cheap if they have 10 million documents. But of course, they don’t. Long story short, signNow’s API is very useful to our clients.” 

— Peter Germanov, Principal at was able to easily implement the signNow API and not only provide eSigning for their clients, but a fully functional document editing and eSignature solution at a low cost. New users get the assistance they need for a price that makes signNow the obvious alternative to other eSignature solutions.

4. Healthcare (fertility PRO)

fertility PRO, a cloud-based software services company, provides electronic health records services for the fertility industry.

“We researched all the companies for this feature, and from our perspective, signNow came out head and shoulders above all the others. And after having completed this I would extend that even further in saying that the signNow team has been exceptionally responsive, the API has been great, and we’re extremely happy that we chose signNow as a company.”

—  John Butler, the founder of fertility PRO

Additional features of the signNow API

  • Easy and fast setup. signNow offers a free Sandbox where users can test the integration and any API-related eSignature workflow for free before going live. It takes no longer than ten minutes to create a free account and begin testing the API integrations.
  • Security and compliance. The signNow API uses the OAuth 2.0 protocol for authentication and complies with 21 CFR part 11, SOC 2 Type II, HIPAA, GDPR, eIDAS, and PCI DSS.
  • Excellent developer and end-user experience. signNow provides developers with detailed documentation for REST and SOAP implementations, an SDK in five programming languages (PHP, Java, .Net, Python, Node), comprehensive video guides, and solution engineering services. Additionally, the signNow API offers native integrations with Salesforce, Microsoft, and NetSuite.
  • Exceptional stability. signNow maintains 99.9% API uptime and superior performance with 24/7 API monitoring.

For more information on the signNow API, its features, and references, please read our ultimate guide to the signNow API and view our detailed documentation.

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