Send documents out for signing directly from Gmail and Google Drive

Gmail integration

Send Gmail attachments or documents from your GDrive out for signing without wasting your precious time! SignNow apps allow you to get documents signed without leaving your GDrive or Gmail accounts. No more back and forth between your desktop and the SignNow application, manage everything without leaving your google account. 


How to send out documents for e-signing from Google Drive

First, add the SignNow extension to your Chrome browser. You can easily find it here

To send a document out for e-signing, choose the document you need signed and select Open With SignNow. The SignNow dashboard will instantly open directly in your Google Drive folder. From here, you can also check the status of documents, send docs for signing, or make changes.

Gmail integration

Once you’ve sent a Drive document for signing, your recipient will receive an email with a link that takes them directly to your document. The SignNow interface is straightforward, allowing signers to submit their signatures on professional-looking documents to avoid confusion.

Gmail integration

You don’t have to check your SignNow account every five minutes while waiting for your completed document. Once signed, you’ll receive an email notification. You can also track the complete audit trail which contains information on who and when your document was signed.

Gmail integration


Send documents to be e-signed while managing your Gmail inbox

Getting the add-on in your Chrome is easy. Here’s the link. After installation, the SignNow icon will appear directly in your account. No muss, no fuss – just click the icon, choose the email containing your attachment, and send it out for signing.

Save time for something genuinely great. Install SignNow apps for Google Drive and Gmail to make your workflow smooth while simplifying the signing process for your clients.