How to streamline contracts with signNow in Salesforce

Every top business knows of Salesforce as a leader in the CRM market. Years ago, Salesforce’s leading customers were sales managers. Today, Salesforce has a larger audience that extends across the enterprise. With signNow for Salesforce, businesses are switching to eSignature and managing all of their Salesforce contracts and data in one platform.

Here’s an overview of the top values of integrating Salesforce with signNow:

Simple and safe digital transactions:

From a customer standpoint, electronic transactions are typically mobile-oriented and therefore, customers have an option for mobile eSigning. In signNow for Salesforce, signer authentication is included when users are sending out contracts or eSigning documents. For example, signers may be prompted to enter a password in order to sign a document, or verify their Salesforce account through an email verification code.

Full audit trails/logs:

signNow’s integration with Salesforce provides a comprehensive audit trail to give users a thorough overview of their document status and activity. An audit trail ensures full document protection, evidence of signing, and highly secure document storage. In addition, an audit trail is excellent from a legal/compliance standpoint because it ensures evidence of eSignature activity and can be used to defend one’s signature in a courtroom, for example.

signNow on iOS integration:

With signNow’s iOS app, users can integrate their Salesforce account and manage important contracts in a single, secure platform. From invoicing and reporting to all sales activities, signNow on iOS fully supports Salesforce and makes managing documents easier and safer than ever before. Users are also given evidence of sales and secure storage for documents with Salesforce on mobile, too.

For signNow and Salesforce integration, the signer’s actions are recorded and tracked within Salesforce (including date/time and IP address) through document history. This user tracking provides an extra layer of security and audit trail protection for legal and compliance.

For step-by-step instructions on how to integrate Salesforce with signNow on iOS, visit University.  

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