How to Secure Your E-Signature with SignNow’s Audit Log

Audit logs serve many purposes, especially towards the authentication of e-signatures. Many people find it hard to believe that e-signatures are just as legally-binding as physical signatures, but it’s true; e-signatures and handwritten signatures are both equally accepted from a legal standpoint. At SignNow, we use audit trails to track all document history and e-signature steps, so that your information is always secure.

Why are SignNow’s audit logs crucial to document authentication and e-signature validity?

E-Signature Evidence

When it comes to e-signature evidence, it’s crucial to have as much information about the documents transaction as possible. This means that you must be able to track the document’s status and store all of your e-signature steps: from e-signature setup through document delivery. SignNow’s audit log allows you to view timestamps and IP addresses associated with all actions on your document.  

Transaction Creation

SignNow’s audit log provides extensive information about each and every detail of the transaction. This transaction information in the audit log includes emails and notifications from signers, signers consent to e-signature, user authentication, viewed documents by signers, signers’ e-signature creation, cancellations or opt-outs, and transaction completions. SignNow users can quickly and easily check all document changes and transactions, as well as download the full audit trail.

E-Signature Security

At SignNow, our audit log includes advanced cryptography, or an e-signature code, to apply electronic signatures with a message digest, hash, or fingerprint. This code provides vital e-signature verification by detailing the document’s transaction. SignNow also provides advanced threat protection (ATP), which prevents phishing attacks or malicious attempts within your documents, and keeps your e-signature safe.

Physical handwritten signatures can easily be challenged in a courtroom. For example, without SignNow’s audit log, a person can claim that they never signed a document, and there would be no legal evidence to prove that claim. SignNow provides audit logs with date and time stamps, which show when the transaction began, who emailed who, when it was “signed,” and when the document was sent back for completion.

With SignNow’s advanced audit trail, your document activity and e-signature will be always be protected, valid, and accepted.