How to Save Money and Time with SignNow’s E-Signature Solution

How does your organization manage contracts with customers? Do you email, fax, scan, or manually file contracts? If you’re still using paper-based processes to send out documents for signature, you may be able to save a lot of money and time by switching to SignNow – a paperless, legally-binding e-signature solution.  So, just how much money could you save by switching to SignNow?

SignNow’s e-signature solution holds an ability to improve a company’s financial resources. Namely, SignNow’s e-signature software saves organizations plenty of money in many different ways, including these three:

1. Save money on paper and related items.

As you know, paper-based processes can leave your budget running on empty. Companies have to pay for paper forms, envelopes, stamps, ink and toner for printers, copiers and fax machines, shipping costs, courier services, and many more. However, with SignNow’s e-signature solution, companies can save money by keeping transactions fully electronic, which means that you’ll never need to print, fax, or scan documents for signature ever again.

2. Decrease the physical effort of paper-based systems.

Even after documents are physically signed on paper, the financial stressors still increase. With SignNow, we can help all industries with high-volume documents, such as sales, real estate, healthcare, education and staffing, and banking, to name a few.  To view SignNow’s pricing options and learn about our affordable, world-class features, visit here.

Even if you have documents manually stored in your office, you still have to purchase new filing cabinets, folders, and shredding equipment. However, SignNow keeps your documents electronically stored, managed, and secured from start to finish, so that you don’t have to waste time and money on laborious physical processes.

3. Eliminate the financial burden of physical documents.

The physical efforts of signing, sending, managing, and filing documents adds up over time and costs a lot of money. Instead of your employees spending time coordinating physical document signing and stressing over meeting signature deadlines, you can switch to SignNow and simplify your organization’s workflow. SignNow reduces the time it takes to process physical document signatures, and improves employee productivity.

Exactly how much money could your company save with SignNow’s e-signature solution?

Let’s take, as an example, the paper-based costs of a 20-person company. On average, the company signs 600 documents per month, which assumes that each employee signs about one document per day. The company manually files 300 documents, which is 50% of all documents, as well as scans 300 documents. After using an ROI calculator, we can determine that this company would most likely save about $10,000 per year on paper-based costs. To learn how much your company could save, learn more about ROI’s here.

Nothing hits home quite like a real-world example. Read SignNow’s case study from one of our leading tech organizations to learn exactly how they significantly benefited from SignNow and saved plenty of time and money with a world-class e-signature solution. Click here to view the case study for free!