How SignNow Improves Accounting and Tax Processes

Prepare for the tax season early with SignNow’s secure e-signature solution. With SignNow, the entire e-signature and document management process can be completed seamlessly in one platform, which eliminates paper and wasted time on physical, manual signing systems.

SignNow can complete loan processes, contract agreements, tax documents, and more with our efficient e-signature solution – processing your documents is faster and easier for you and your clients. In addition, SignNow provides an audit trail for you and your organization to track the document’s activity, from the beginning and end of the e-signature process.

Learn how SignNow can improve your accounting and tax processes for tax season below:

1. SignNow identifies theft by using authentication to verify the signer.

SignNow’s e-signature process authenticates each signer separately through multi-factor authentication, such as the signer’s email address, full name, SMS code or voicemail verification, and fingerprint login verification. SignNow ensures that your signer is the correct person by calibrating their identity authentication, and specifically meeting with compliance requirements, such as the IRS regulations – SignNow can prove a signer’s identity at all costs.

2. SignNow retains the integrity of e-signatures.

Once a document is electronically signed through SignNow, the document becomes tamper-proof to prevent it from being modified in any way. SignNow stores your documents with an index, and has the ability to reproduce copies of your documents for archiving purposes or electronic records.

3. SignNow creates an audit trail to record document history.

What good is a signature if there’s no electronic record of it? SignNow’s e-signature technology records the date and time of the e-signed document, the computer IP address, and identity verification. SignNow’s audit trail reflects the full completion of the e-signature process, and is a highly comprehensive and easily accessible data trail.

SignNow’s e-signature platform establishes a reliable, trustworthy, and secure process to identify signers, review a document’s history, and prevent identity theft or any company fraud.

For more information on SignNow for the accounting and tax industry, visit our corporate site.