Going Back to School with SignNow

Heading back to school couldn’t be done without SignNow’s e-signature solution.

Higher education institutions and public schools produce a mass amount of documents – many of which require confidentiality. Like many other industries, higher education is constantly facing budget cuts. Many of these industries are discovering the simplicity of e-signature, and are therefore, moving towards an automated workflow and electronic document solution like SignNow.

With SignNow, educational institutions can speed up their workflow process by getting documents signed, sealed, and delivered within seconds. SignNow’s e-signature solution significantly decreases the cost of papers associated with your document process, as well as greatly improves your efficiency as a successful institution.

Let’s take a look at some of SignNow’s use cases within education:

Use Cases

  • Student loans and scholarships
  • Permission slips
  • Financial aid
  • HR and ID documents
  • Contracts and offer letters
  • Progress reports and report cards
  • Teacher reports
  • Timesheets
  • Course enrollments and rule sheets

Streamline operations

With SignNow, educators can reduce their paperwork by using e-signature, whether you’re recruiting teachers or processing student applications.

Simplify processes for students

Never miss school work deadlines! With SignNow’s e-signature solution, students can digitize their school experience. Students can get important assignments, waivers, study abroad applications, and more completed on time with e-signature.

Improve communication across all departments

E-signatures are very important for keeping communication between students, parents, guardians, administrators, and staff in all educational departments. Electronic documents allow parents and guardians to stay in the loop more frequently, interact remotely, and reduce the time and energy spent on signing and sending permission slips and paperwork.

Schools and universities benefit from SignNow’s e-signature in a variety of ways. Streamline your workflow, get more documents quickly and easily signed, and improve your students’ satisfaction with SignNow.  Get SignNow for free today!