4 Awesome Benefits of Using Electronic Signature to Close Deals Faster

electronic signature

The ability to reach out to a client or business partner whenever needed is crucial for success in the modern business world. Going digital makes it easy to get in touch with clients and close deals faster than your competitors without having to travel. Using online electronic signature platforms, managers can streamline the contract process by collecting client data and electronic signatures from any internet connected device. Contact clients, get documents filled out and collect electronic signatures all without leaving your current location.

A single web-based fillable form and eSignature platform is all you need to create, send and receive documents electronically on your personal account. With services like SignNow, you’ll receive documents quickly and securely once all required fields are filled out and signed by your clients. On average, SignNow improves the rate of closing deals by more than 5%.

According to PsMarketResearch, the global eSignature market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 39% from 2016 – 2020. Switching to eSignature boosts your contract closing speed and cuts unnecessary costs while maintaining 24/7 contact.

Reach an Agreement Faster and Close More Deals

Mailing a copy of a contract to a client or business partner, reach your agreement on proper terms and collect all needed signatures can take up to a week or more. Electronic signing speeds up the negotiation process and enables you to collaborate on a document with business partners in real-time. An eSignature manager enables you to grant access permissions, leave comments and track any changes made to the document with an audit trail. Close more deals, save time and money while having full control of contract updates even if your parties’ locations are not geographically ideal.

Lower Transaction Costs and Avoid Costly Errors

How many times have you had to return a document to your client because something was illegible, filled out wrong or just missing? Electronic signing reduces the costly impacts of human error. Your recipient is led through a signing experience by a smart step-by-step guide. A copy of a document is sent to your personally protected account once all data and signatures have been collected. All your documents are stored in the eSignature services’ cloud-storage where you can access them any time from anywhere.

Configure your electronic signature service to send automatic reminders to signers so they don’t forget to sign your document. In addition, you can organize your desired signing order to include several parties, streamlining the signature process even further. Close deals faster and сut costs on paper, copying, packaging, and shipping.

Stay in Touch 24/7 Using Free Mobile Applications

Electronic signature platforms enable you to send, receive, fill out and electronically sign documents from any internet connected device. Leading eSignature services provide users with branded mobile apps for both iOS and Android for free. Stay in touch with your clients and business partners 24/7 and close deals even on the go.

Save Both Your and Your Client’s Time – Close Deals Without Meeting In Person

Collecting signatures from clients and business partners, who are located far away geographically slows down your daily workflow and takes a lot of energy. Now there’s no need to travel and meet your client or business partner to close deal faster – everything’s done online. Close more deals, save both your and your client’s time while making it easy for them to add electronic signatures, fill out your documents and even add a service payment in several clicks.

Online electronic signature services not only enable you to collect signatures, but also generate professional looking documents, fill out and eSign them no matter where your recipient is. The completed documents are stored securely at your personal account, where only you can access them from any internet connected device.

Go digital to close deals faster, collect full client data and electronic signatures while ensuring your documents are stored securely on your personal account. Choose your electronic signature service provider today and see if it is the right solution for your business.